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Mitigate risks of thermal runaway events

Preventing battery damage to battery cells is extremely important for EVs. By damping noise and vibration, custom-engineered rubber solutions offer mechanical protection for critical parts.

Find out more about thermal runaway and battery protection.

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BLOG | Agriculture

Rubber Component Development for Innovative AG Equipment

Innovative designs that use advanced technology often include delicate parts that need extra protection from noise, vibration, harshness, and temperature extremes.

Find out how engineered rubber solutions support innovative agriculture equipment design.

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BLOG | Quality

Soucy Baron, Our Quality Guarantee

It’s easy for companies to toss around the word ‘quality’—but how many of them go the extra mile to show you how they’re walking the walk?

At Soucy Baron, quality is much more than just a word. From our ISO 9001 certification to compliance with REACH, ASTM and many more international standards, read on to discover how far we go to back up our quality promise.

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